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The Abáloc Books

A treasure hunt game leads Miggle Arthur and her cousins, all unsuspecting, up through the mountain forest above the family farm and into mystery, magic and danger from an ancient evil...

A "prequel" to Beneath the Hill. Is the lame girl Eilian a changeling? The whispers say so. "Left behind by the fairies in place of the perfect babe they stole, she was." So, not truly wanted at home, Eilian decides to seek out the fairies instead....

The third book in the series: Callie builds seven snowmen on the hillside above the town of Apple Lock, but the next morning they are gone-- with seven ragged trails leading upward across the snow and into the trees...

Book 4: Have you ever seen your doppelganger? Another you, like and unlike? Dave has, both awake and dreaming: one who wears a curious silver medallion like his own. Through that mysterious talisman, he wakes one morning to find that he and "Dewi"have switched places in place and time...

Book 5: The characters from The Daybreakers return as Callie and her friends invent an imaginary girl as an elaborate hoax. But the joke takes an unexpected--and dangerous--turn that leads them into the heart of a magical mystery from the long-ago past.

Book 6: At war with his stepmother and in trouble at school, thirteen-year-old Ray finds himself shipped off to relatives in the mountain hollows of West Virginia, a strange world where little makes sense to a resentful city boy. The strangeness deepens after Ray discovers a great stone snake on the wall of an old coal mine high in the hollow, and is drawn into a conflict that echoes an ancient tragedy played out over sixteen hundred years before.

Book 7: In the time of the Great Ice, little Runner searches for his missing “dreamstone” and answers to the mystery surrounding it, venturing along the northern Icelands to the grim mountain fortress that lies beyond. In a night of terror and destruction beyond imagining, part of the dreamstone's riddle is solved. With extraordinary skill and depth of imagination, Jane Louise Curry has created an ancient world filled with brooding mystery, danger, and forces of power. The magical characters cast their own spell in this suspenseful fantasy.

Book 8: As the adventures continue for for Runner and his companions from The Wolves of Aam, they face more dangers in the jeweled caverns and darkness of the Shadowlands. The tale moves to a dramatic conclusion that unlocks the final mysteries of the magic stones. These tales of an earlier age in the world lay the foundation for the events told in the “later-in-Time” books in the series—and just may suggest that there are more tales to be told…

time travel

A prequel to Poor Tom's Ghost (below). In 21st century London, 13-year-old James Parrett steps through a "window in the air" and finds himself stranded 410 years in the past...

The Garlands have inherited an old house in Islington, up-river from London. The ghost of the title is the house’s first owner, Tom Garland, an actor in Shakespeare's theatre company. 13 year-old Roger's father, an actor, too, is caught up, unknowing, in Tom's old tragedy-- and Roger must follow a ghost four hundred years into a past time of treachery and plague to save him.


Tee Woodie has inherited an ancient Egyptian box from Great-uncle Sebastian, a box that contains a wooden figure of a girl in mummy wrappings from the waist down. When Charles, her brainy little brother, uses the internet to figure out what the hieroglyphics written on those wrappings mean, strange things begin to happen...

mystery and adventure

Has Professor Bird really disappeared into a crevasse while skiing with an old friend in Austria after a seismological conference? If so, what was the meaning of the garbled message from his hospitalized friend, a message that tells his family to disregard his reported death? Mrs. Bird wastes not a moment: she and the children--Oriole, a college sophomore, thirteen year-old Perry and eleven year-old Mab-- fly to Austria to try to unravel the mystery themselves.

native american tales

Nearly all that remains of some of the Indian tribes of Texas and the Southern Plains are their stories. This, the fifth of Jane's collections of her retellings of Native American stories, brings together tales of humor, guidance and adventure from fourteen tribes, gleaned from the records and translations of 19th and 20th-century story collectors. The tales here sparkle with humor and wisdom, and are retold with a true storyteller's voice.

more time tales, fantasy, mystery and adventure...

more time tales...
Jane Curry has written Time-Travel-- or "Time-slip"-- books set in other times and places. Three, Me, Myself and I, Moon Window, and Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Time-- are now available as Kindle e-books. To learn more, click on the green heading "More Time Tales..." here-- or above, in the Book Pages column on the right.

more fantasies...
Of the fantasies other than the Abáloc series that Jane has written, The Housenapper is available as a Kindle e-book-- and others are in the works. To learn more, click on the heading "More Fantasies..." here, or in the Book Pages column above on the right.

more mysteries and adventures...
Jane has written more mysteries and adventures as well, and more of these will be appearing as e-books, but The Big Smith Snatch and A Stolen Life are available as Kindle e-books now. To learn more about them, click on "More Mysteries and Adventures..." here, or in the Book Pages list above on the right.

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abaloc series
"full of mystery and magic." booklist; "an engrossing fantasy." Publishers Weekly
"National Book Award" finalist.
"deeply satisfying"   The Listener (BBC)
"a rousing adventure fantasy" publishers weekly
"always enthralling" Publishers weekly
"brisk and riveting"   Horn book
"fresh and exciting" NCTE English Journal
time travel
"Top Ten Fantasy Books for Youth " BOOKLIST
"Masterful suspense." Washington Post
Wouldn't you like to have a magical servant? "...thrilling, and simply splendid." Google Books reader
mystery and adventure
"A... thriller of the first order." CHILDREN'S BOOKS OF THE YEAR, u.k.
folk tales
"A stellar collection of Native American tales." --KIRKUS REVIEWS