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Since I don't happen to have a recent photo, I've decided I'll just do a nostalgic run-through of some of the old ones in the coming weeks to mark time until I organize one...! (This is a definite "oldie.")

The prequel to the Abáloc stories.

The Abáloc Books

are back!

...and JaneLouiseCurry.com is back, too, after an extreme makeover just in time to celebrate the return of the eight Abáloc books, republished this spring both as paperbacks and as e-books by CandleWood Books. I'm thrilled with them! The covers are wonderful but, better still, the characters inside are friends I followed into Abáloc and their adventures in the deeps of time with fascination and great pleasure.

To tell the truth, the Abáloc books were never meant to be "a series." They began in Beneath the Hill as the one-off fantasy adventure of five lively cousins (very like my own) on a Pennsylvania farm with a mountain at its back, where the fantasy deepened layer after layer into a spellbinding strangeness. At its end, though, that story was tied up tidily with an "And After" conclusion of:

The Bane grew green. The Arthurs' spring overflowed even in the drought of August. And the [Fair] Folk came at last to Tir na'nOg.

Full stop.

Except that it wasn't...

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"full of mystery and magic." booklist; "an engrossing fantasy." Publishers Weekly
"National Book Award" finalist.
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"a rousing adventure fantasy" publishers weekly
"always enthralling" Publishers weekly
"brisk and riveting"   Horn book
"fresh and exciting" NCTE English Journal
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