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I love to tell stories of time travel or "time-slips" into the past, of mystery, danger, and narrow escapes-- and folk tales of magic and adventure, mishaps and silliness. If you're a time-traveler, you can catch your breath in THE BLACK CANARY at the fate of a boy from today trapped four hundred years in the past, in Shakespeare's London. You can enjoy the Native American tales from California in BACK IN THE BEFORETIME or the Indian monster tales from Texas in HOLD UP THE SKY. You can follow the spooky tale of an ancient Egyptian magic that wakes up here-and-now in THE EGYPTIAN BOX-- or the exciting picture-book adventure of the true-life girl hero of BRAVE CLOELIA. To read about a book, click on the drop-down BOOKS by TITLE list on the left, or on the book-cover button in the column below it. (and see below for more about that journey back in time in the young-adult novel THE BLACK CANARY at theblackcanary.home ).





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The Black Canary
An exciting tale of Time-Travel with its own .......Web site,at

On the "Top Ten Fantasy Books for Youth " list. -- BOOKLIST 2005

Nominated for "Best Books for Young Adults" -- YALSA (American Library Association)

Nominated for the 2006-2007 Lamplighter Award.

"...readers will gladly follow [James] through the portals for the pleasure of his company as well as the need to know what will happen next." -- BOOKLIST starred review 2/15/05

"The Black Canary is so involving the reader will find himself or herself with the same mixed feelings James has when he must decide whether he should stay in the London of 1600 or go back to his rightful time. A great story..." -- MULTICULTURAL REVIEW