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The Wolves of Aam

Abaloc Series No. 7

For the first time since the days of legend, Men and giants are abroad in Astarlind, the country of the Tiddi nomads-- a shy folk, smaller and older than the race of Men. Great wolves called the "Dread Ones" walk again, and on their backs ride terrible riders unknown in the old tales of the Times Before. All this and more Runner, the swiftest of the Tiddi scouts, discovers when he falls in with Lek, the conjuror, a meeting of ill chance-- or perhaps good fortune in disguise. It is through Lek that the evil Lord Naghar's henchmen learn of Runner's lucky "dreamstone," now missing. Is it truly the fabled skystone Mirelidar of Lek's tale? And why should Lord Naghar desire it so?

To search for the stone and an answer, Runner-- with his Tiddi friends Fith and Cat and help from two of the huge Ice Folk and the elusive, magical Wolves of Aam-- brave the northern Ice-lands and penetrate the grim mountain fortress of Gzel. There, in a night of terror and destruction beyond imagining, that part of the answer is given, part of the riddle is solved. This ancient world, filled with brooding mystery, danger and forces of power, is peopled with individuals, both human and magical, who cast their own spell and draw the reader on with mounting suspense to a fateful conclusion.

What the reviews say:

"The first of a two-part story, this adventure can stand alone. Its lovely style, magical melange and engaging characters make one eager for its sequel."

"There is a certain freshness about the heroic fantasy, the first of a projected pair about Astarlind—a land with a long and curious history built from legends of time long past. Various peoples have inhabited the land, among them the Silvrin, who are elves; the Tiddi, small, pointy-eared, long-toed hunters of horses; and the Men, neither reliable nor well-liked. The Tiddi have all but died out, and the story centers on Runner, a Tiddi who cannot remember his past, and his friends Cat and Fith. In the course of his adventures, Runner makes many friends: the conjuror Lek; the talking wolves of Aam — beautiful, loyal, and brave; and the large and shaggy Icelings, who are brusque but kind and live with their kin on the great Ice. In addition he meets assorted baleful beasts and maleficent men and giants. The convoluted twists and turns of the plot are brisk and riveting, the Tiddi are endearing… and especially awe-inspiring are the great wolves of Aam.” --A.A.F., HORN BOOK