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more time tales...

moon window

A Kindle e-book.

"When her widowed mother remarries and leaves on a European honeymoon, Joellen is packed off to northern New Hampshire to stay at Winterbloom with Granty Macallan, an elderly cousin. Jo's plans call for bolting back home to Boston at the first opportunity, but when she escapes out the round attic window (through which the moon always appears full), she discovers that it takes her back in time. There she meets several ancestors, including the first Ellen Macallan, a mysterious Scottish woman who had had Winterbloom built during the 1700s. Jo is drawn to the house and its mysteries, and in several trips through the moon window, she uncovers a secret room, its supernatural inhabitant, and Ellen Macallan's hold on both Granty and Jo. Curry, long regarded as a master of fantasy and suspense, successfully weaves contemporary characters and situations into a timeless adventure." --BOOKLIST

me, myself and I

A Kindle e-book

The day sixteen-year-old J.J. Russell accidentally sees Professor Poplov produce a very peculiar “holographic image” with his secret machine is an all-around Very Bad Day. An electronics whiz and now the only research assistant allowed into Professor Poplov’s top-secret Lab C, J.J. is more sappy than smart when it comes to Apollonia, the blonde, beautiful girl next door. “Polly” Armbruster turns out to be two-timing him with good-looking Max Sharp—“Max the Shark," who is J.J.’s chief rival for scientific honors as well. J.J. dreams up a way to even the score, using Pandora’s Box, the Professor’s strange machine. If he had stopped to wonder why it is named after the mythical box of troubles loosed on the world, he might have left well enough alone— but then, of course, he would never have stumbled upon the mystery that threatens the Here and Now...

“Comedy grows naturally out of self confronting self. . . and some nifty twists and insights. Good fun.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Let me tell you something about this book. It eats your brain out. You constantly find yourself stopping to think about details of what would happen to the ‘future you’ if this happened to you... This book really puts readers right in the story.” –Riley, Amazon reader

“A really good book!” –“The Cool Guy,” Amazon reader

parsley sage, rosemary and Time

A Kindle e-book

Parsley Sage is an elderly cat. Rosemary is ten-year-old Rosemary Walpole. And the word "Time" that Rosemary discovers cut into a moss-covered stone in her aunt's old herb garden in Maine should have been spelled "Thyme" because of the herb growing around it—or so Rosemary thinks until she picks a sprig. Not only does it have a peculiar taste; it has a most astonishing power over Time itself. Everything but Rosemary is stopped motionless. Flies hang in mid-flight, a measuring worm pauses in mid-reach. Not a leaf rustles. Every time she touches the "thyme," time stops! Rosemary, until then a rather unimaginative, proper little girl, is plunged into an extraordinary adventure in spite of herself…

“I remember picking this book up in a public library when I was about 10 years old as one of the books listed on my summer reading list. At the time, I put off reading the book because it seemed to be just a story about a young girl's summer experience. The title ("...and TIME") should have tipped me off that something unexpected would occur. This is the book that made me into a voracious fantasy/science fiction reader.” --Michelle, Amazon Reader